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Sanders Street Rods

Custom We-Drill (3/8"-1") Universal Large Billet Triple Line Clamp

Custom We-Drill (3/8"-1") Universal Large Billet Triple Line Clamp

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We-Drill Large Billet 6061 Line clamps are ideal for mounting large hose, tube, cables, loomed wire and more. Our unique design allow for each clamp to have hole sizes ranging from 3/8" to 1". 

This makes mounting multiple different diameter components achievable in one clean clamp. We drill any size hole combination ranging from 3/8"-1". We offer 3 and 4 hole clamps with this service. No more worrying about having the correct diameter clamp or ending up with a bunch of mismatched clamps holding your lines in place.

This is a solution to a problem we have run into in my hot rod shop for years and now we are offering it to you! Also check out our small and medium line clamps for mounting everything from brake lines to heater hose. Stainless 10-32 bolt and nylock included.

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