About Us

Josh's Bio:

I grew up in a family of hardworking craftsmen and entrepreneurs.  My Dad was a custom home builder and wood worker, which had a large influence on my childhood. I spent a lot of time growing up in the woodshop doing father son projects and working for my Dad and Uncles. I was exposed to everything from framing, cabinetry, stainless work, nitro funny car racing, electrical, welding and many other things. As a young teenager I found my passion with cars.

When I was 15 I bought my first project, a 1968 Chevelle. Over the next three years I learned how to work with sheet metal, rebuild mechanical parts, wire and paint. All this was possible with help from my many mentors including but not limited to my Dad, Denny Olson, Doug Isbell, Stu Maryfield, Mike Wilcox and my family. Completing the car and winning the young guys award at goodguys was a pivotal part in making the decision to pursue carbuilding as my career. 


Streetrods by Denny becomes Sanders Streetrods Jan 2021:

Denny Olson started Streetrods by Denny 35 years ago in his home garage. Denny later built and expanded to the current shop and over the next 30 years would grow the business into what it is today. He built a great reputation and a list of long term clients. Denny has been featured in numerous magazines and received many awards over the years. I met Denny in 2013 and within a year of knowing him I was working for him as an apprentice at Streetrods by Denny. Over the next 7 years Denny and his employees taught me the fine art of building classic cars. In 2021 after managing the shop for a couple of years Denny felt I was fit to run the business and he was ready to retire. This brings us to January 1, 2021, Denny officially retires and I start in business with the same employees, customers, equipment and building. Today we have added new employees and increased our capabilities to continue pushing the limits of classic cars with modern technology.

Our goal:

We strive to create the best experience and finished product possible. I believe that 50% of the fun is the building process and the other 50% is the finished product. I understand that some customers want to be more involved than others, and I work to tailor the experience to fit their specific needs. For example I have clients that give me complete creative freedom on a build and others that have a larger hand in the project knowing exactly what they want. I place a lot of emphasis on the ability to collaborate externally with customers and internally between co-workers. We strive to create value with high quality, long lasting, serviceable vehicles. 


Our team is an incredible group of craftsmen with a variety of different backgrounds and experiences.  Our ability to work together towards a common goal despite large age gaps and skill sets is what makes us great. I take pride in being a hands on part of the team. I am out in the shop daily working alongside everyone and leading the group. I believe that having a small diverse team is what makes us special. We look forward to increasing our capabilities in many areas including computer aided design, CNC machining and performance plumbing in the years to come. This will further help our ability to problem solve and build parts that are unavailable. 

None of this would be possible without the continued support and help from my wife Ciara and our son.