CNC Machining

We are very excited to now have CNC machining capabilities in house. This adds a whole new element to our shop and pushes us to the next level.

We have the ability to CAD draw parts on the computer, 3D print them to ensure fitment and then machine them out of aluminum, steel, stainless, plastic and a wide variety of other materials. This makes the building process from conception to completion faster and more detailed. Bringing parts like custom valve covers, Dash bezels and plates for labeling switches, and one off tail lights within reach for our clients.

No longer are we bound by lead times and the extra cost of communicating with a machine shop to get our idea across. The parts are drawn on the computer, approved and made sometimes within the same day. We have also been developing our own product line of automotive accessories that are all made in house.

We invested in a new Haas VF2 vertical machine center that can cut parts that are 30”x16”x20” within a .001 tolerance. It also features an automatic tool change that holds up to 20 different tools that the machine can switch between during the machining process. This 3 phase 30 HP machine can cut through a block of aluminum like butter.

We look forward to getting a CNC lathe in the future as the demand for our services rise.

We also have a 3D printer, laser and router. The 3D printer is used regularly to print prototyped parts that will later be machined. The same CAD program that is used to cut a part out of aluminum can be sent to the printer and made in plastic before committing to cutting a piece of aluminum.

Printing parts in plastic is inexpensive and ensures accuracy before committing to cutting up a billet of aluminum. Utilizing the laser for templates has also proven to be very effective. Our small CNC laser can cut through wood, plastic and even engrave metal. We often use it to cut out a template for a bracket, dash insert or other 2D part before sending them out to be laser cut out of steel, carbon fiber etc.

Our goal is to build relationships with other shops and provide CNC machining services for their projects as well as our own. I believe that our background as car builders gives us the insight and design ideas to effectively machine parts that work in the automotive industry.

When we take on CNC machine projects from other shops we do more than just look at the part as a part we recognize how it is going to work on the vehicle. This gives us the ability to efficiently work through problems that may come up and provide feedback.

The combination of CNC machinists and car builders has revolutionized the way we build cars. I feel that we can develop partnerships with other companies that will benefit them as well and push their builds to the next level. We can build parts that cannot be bought. Allow us to bring your visions to life!