Wrecked Relic to Sleek Showstopper - Mike Chaffeur's 1959 Corvette

Wrecked Relic to Sleek Showstopper - Mike Chaffeur's 1959 Corvette

December 2022 - Fuel Curve
Author: Damon Lee, Editor Goodguys Gazette, Photos by John Jackson


If you need evidence that the future of hot rod building is in good hands, just look at 25-year-old Josh Sanders of Sanders Street Rods, the shop behind Mike Chaffeur’s trick 1959 Corvette.

As a car-crazy teen, Josh was taken under the wing of Denny Olson of Street Rods by Denny, a shop with 40 years of history in the Pacific Northwest. Josh apprenticed at the shop during high school before diving in full time, and even won a Goodguys Young Guys award with his personal ’68 Chevelle along the way.

59 Corvette Front


59 Corvette Rear











59 Corvette LS7 Motor

59 Corvette Custom Wheels

After working for Denny for several years, young Josh considered striking out on his own. Denny made him a better deal, proposing that Josh continue working at the shop two more years while Denny showed him the ropes of business management. Denny would be ready to retire by then, and Josh could take over the business. The plan worked, with Josh taking the reins in January 2021 and changing the name to Sanders Street Rods.

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